Resources -- Helpful Links & Articles

    Employee Fiduciary - Third Party Administrator

    Department of Labor - Department of Labor expose on 401k plan fees

    Employee Benefit Research Institute - independent organization that studies employee benefit plans

    Taxlinks - Federal and State tax information

    Social Security Information - useful information and answers to FAQs about social security rules and guidelines

    401k Help Center - 401k resource for general 401k information

    U.S. Supreme Court - information on the landmark ruling that enables individual 401k participants to sue for losses stemming from excessive fees and poor investment guidance.

    Target Funds Miss the Mark (Fortune Magazine) - recent article about the shortcomings of Target Date funds (also referred to as Lifecycle funds).

    The fallacy of active Mutual Fund performance - recent study by French & Fama about the shortcomings of active Mutual Funds.

    Benefits of Advice - highlights of a Charles Schwab 2007 study documenting the benefits of financial advice to individuals

    Active Managers Get the Cold Shoulder - Wall Street Journal expose on pitfalls of active management

    Small 401K Plans Often Pay Big Fees - Wall Street Journal expose on the excessive fees being charged small 401K plans

    Annuity Fine Print: Guarantees Aren't Always Guaranteed - Wall Street Journal expose on fallacy of guaranteed annuities

    Retirement Plans From Hell - Forbes Magazine article on the egregious fees insurance providers charge 401k plans.