Corporate Retirement Plan Solutions

Our goal as a Retirement Plan advisor is to effectively address the common impediments to performance for plan participants.

Through a dramatic reduction in plan costs, effective fund screening and selection, a focus on asset allocation as the primary driver of performance we have successfully helped plan participants from all industries achieve their retirement goals.

We believe service and education are critical to long term client relationships. Consider us your in-house benefits team:

  • Access to Sensus Investment Partners
    • We recognize that information is an investors most valuable commodity. Our structure ensures that our clients have direct access to unfiltered investment guidance necessary to navigate these volatile markets
  • Enrollment support
    • Enrollment meeting support to maximize participation
    • Simple enrollment documents (one page enrollment form) - research has demonstrated that reducing enrollment forms from the typical 20 - 30 pages to one page boosts enrollment considerably
  • Ongoing education
    • Ongoing communication of our investment outlook and asset allocation rationale
    • Educational resources backed up by Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab resources
  • Ease of doing business
    • Simple conversion process to move plans
    • Online participant access with robust reporting for both the participant and plan sponsor
    • Ease of conversion

The benefits to the plan sponsor and participants are many:

Plan Sponsor Benefits

  • Ensure that participants are invested in optimal, low cost vehicles with no hidden fees
  • Total fee transparency
  • Enrollment support to ease conversion and increase participation
  • Shifts perceived investment decision making burden from plan sponsor to advisor
  • Third party administration and signature ready form 5500 preparation
  • Access to seasoned investment professionals
  • Helps to support plan sponsor fiduciary responsibility to educate employees

Participant Benefits

  • Focus on dynamic asset allocation tied to plan participant risk profiles
  • Screening of large universe of investment vehicles to bring participants optimal investment options
  • Shield plan participants from "emotional reaction" to market fluctuations
  • Access to seasoned investment professionals
  • Easy online account access
  • Provides solutions to ease burden and uncertainty associated with rebalancing decisions